Importance of Renters Insurance

We know how important and valuable your personal belongings are, we are here to help keep them protected in case of a loss.

Why You Need Renters

Renters insurance is property insurance that provides coverage not only for personal belongings, but liabilities and possible additional living expenses in the event of a loss.

The average renters policy is about $15 a month!

What it can cover:

· Break-ins and theft, not only from your home or apartment but stolen items from your car, hotel room, or even a gym locker.

· If someone if injured at your apartment, renters insurance comes with liability coverage that can help pay the injured party’s medical bills or court costs.

· If there is a fire in your home or apartment, or even just smoke, your renters insurance can cover your personal belongings. *The landlord’s insurance should cover the building but not your personal items.

· If your apartment or home is damaged to a point where it is not livable, renters insurance can also cover the cost of staying at a hotel while your property is being repaired or while you find new living arrangements.

· And more!

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