Additional Insurance 

Sometimes the standard options of insurance do not cover everything that you may want to insure. We offer additional insurances other than auto and home such as insurance for your recreational vehicles, watercrafts, or simply your items of higher value that you wish to insure to their full value in a scheduled articles policy.

Jewelry & Other Personal Property Insurance (Scheduled Items)


Do you have jewelry, fine art, collectibles, or other personal property that need to be protected? Scheduled personal property protects your valuable belongings with a broader coverage than what might be offered on a regular homeowners policy. It also allows you to be reimbursed for the full value of item with out depreciation.

Watercraft and Boat Insurance

Sometimes homeowners isn't enough to cover your boat or watercraft. Watercraft and boat insurance protects you, your friends and family, boat/watercraft, and its equipment. There are many coverage options such as: liability, fuel spill and wreckage removal, physical damage coverage, personal effects, and more are available! Contact us to see what coverages are right for you.


Recreational Vehicles and Motorcycles

Some vehicles don’t fall into the typical classes for auto insurance. We offer insurance to provide coverage for vehicles such as motor homes, golf carts, motorcycles etc. If you are already a policyholder with us, we can look into simply adding an endorsement to your policy. If you are a new customer we can issue a specialized policy for your recreational vehicle.


Specialty Vehicles 


Do you have a classic or custom car, truck, motorcycle, or boat? It's important to protect the vehicles you love, whether you drive it regularly or bring it to shows. Sometimes your standard auto policy isn't enough for your classic vehicle, contact us today to find out more on how you can protect your classic or vintage vehicle! 

Flood Insurance

Contact is today to learn about protecting your assets from a flood!