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Homeowners Insurance 

Choosing the right homeowners policy for you! As independent agents, we can offer you various choices in carriers to ensure that your individual needs are met through quality service, tailored coverage, and reasonable pricing! The right homeowner's policy can ease your worries about losses to your home, apartment, or condominium, and your personal belongings inside them. Contact us anytime for any questions you may have!

Homeowners Insurance 

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Homeowners insurance protects you financially against damages to your home from disasters. It also protects your personal property and even provides legal protection against accidents that occur on your premises.
Fire, hail, theft, vandalism, and other losses can be financially devastating, and the right homeowners insurance can protect you and your belongings from these unexpected disasters. 
You have the ability to choose what homeowners policy is right for you; they differ on which type of residence you live in, what coverages you choose, and what losses are covered. Some different coverage options to choose from are protection for you personal belongings, personal liability coverage, medical coverage, and more!


Umbrella Policy

What happens when the protection you have isn't enough? The umbrella policy is an extra limit of liability as a back up in case the amount of liability coverage you have is not enough in the event of a covered loss. When your liability coverage reaches its limit, your umbrella policy is there to pick up where your liability coverage left off.

Flood Insurance

Contact us to learn more about protecting your assets from a flood!

Renters Insurance

Renters ins

We know how important and valuable your personal belongings are, we are here to help keep them protected in case of a loss. Renters insurance is property insurance that provides coverage not only for personal belongings, but liabilities and possible additional living expenses in the event of a loss. It can covers your personal property against water, fire, smoke, theft, and other losses. 

Renters insurance's liability coverage protects against legal action taken against you for property damage or bodily injury caused by you, a family member, or pets. In addition to liability coverage, you can choose medical payments coverage which will allow you to to submit the injured party’s medical bills to the insurance company when an accident occurs on your premises. 

Condo Insurance

Condo ins

Condo insurance helps protect your condo and personal property. Additions, improvements, and alterations to your condo can also be covered under condo insurance. It also offers liability coverage, medical payments coverage, and loss assessment coverage. Loss assessment coverage protects you if the complex experiences a loss that the complex then levies an assessment to all the unit owners to pay the deductible of the association's policy, or if the loss exceeds the insurance limits. 
It is important to consult with your homeowners' association (HOA) to see what their policy covers to help you choose what coverages and limits of coverage are best for you.   

Landlord Insurance

landlord ins

Renting out a residential property (house, apartment, vacation cottage) is a wonderful asset to have, it is important that you and your property are covered in the event of a loss. When renting out your property, your own homeowners coverage no longer applies to that property and renters are generally not held liable when there is a loss. Liability coverage that is offered with landlord insurance protects you and your spouse or domestic partner against medical or legal costs that might arise if the tenant or a visitor suffers an injury on the premises. 

Scheduled Items

Scheduled Items

Do you have jewelry, fine art, collectibles, or other personal property that need to be protected? Scheduled personal property protects your valuable belongings with a broader coverage than what might be offered on a regular homeowners policy. It also allows you to be reimbursed for the full value of item without depreciation.

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